Biology Portfolio Selection

We believe disease target selection is one of the most important steps in drug discovery that largely determines the success or failure of a research program. Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry has selected drug discovery targets through specific insights into certain diseases, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. By contrast, we are constructing our proprietary drug discovery pipeline based on the comprehensive analysis of a large number of interrelated targets within several emerging core areas of biology that are linked to a wide range of potential therapeutic areas.  We prioritize targets with the potential for novel scientific or technical approaches that uniquely leverage our platform, expertise, and partners.

Core Biology Areas

Over the course of our prior drug discovery experiences, our R&D team has accumulated and developed a specialized understanding and track record within multiple core biology areas and has been closely following the emerging research.  We are fully leveraging our discovery platform to enable the rigorous and comprehensive analyses of both validated and newer targets within these core areas, enabling discovery of innovative therapeutics and development strategies and subsequent translation into clinical areas with high or unmet need.

As a result, we are currently actively pursuing discovery programs in innate immunity, DNA damage repair, RNA modification & metabolism, and transcriptional & translational control. In each of these focused areas, we are taking specific approaches that are uniquely available to us, including use of novel allosteric site modulators or recently established chemical tools such as peptides and related molecules.

Through this new approach, we are making significant progress toward delivery of innovative therapeutics and their subsequent translation into various clinical areas with high unmet need including oncology / immuno-oncology, chronic inflammation-related diseases, and rare intractable disorders.