Our Pipeline

Based on our previous R&D expertise and growing knowledge-base of internal research, our pipeline is currently enriched in the areas of oncology, immunology / chronic inflammation diseases, and rare genetic conditions.

Our most advanced programs are described below.

Project A Chronic Inflammation: We target a signaling molecule known to function in the inflammation response provided by a specific cell-type. This target is known to control a number of critical disease-causing proteins implicated in a variety of chronic and genetic conditions without satisfactory therapies.

Project B Oncology: DNA damage repair is one of our core biology focus areas. In this program we aim to find novel modulators of a new target within a well-validated DNA damage-repair pathway. Inhibition of this target is expected to show synthetic lethality in numerous types of tumors with chemotherapy combinations or as monotherapy in certain genotypes.

Project C Oncology: Translational control is another one of our core biology focus areas.  In this program, we target a protein with recently emerging data demonstrating its critical role in the expression of tumorigenic genes in a specific genetically defined blood cancer. Genetic data also show potential expansion of indications into various solid tumors.

Project E Oncology: We have several programs targeting oncogenic driver kinases through allosteric inhibition as part of our collaboration with PeptiDream, Inc. We anticipate a completely different efficacy and resistance mutation profile for patients currently undergoing kinase inhibitor therapies.

Partnering Information

All of our programs are owned by Modulus and we welcome discussions and inquiries regarding potential partnering and collaboration opportunities.

Although our pipeline is enriched in specific therapeutic areas, we are open to discussing a wide range of collaboration opportunities that can create synergies between our platform and expertise with those of our partners.

Please contact us for further inquiries.