Our Pipeline

Based on our R&D experiences, our network of collaborators and advisors, and our own growing knowledge-base of internal research, our pipeline is currently focused in the areas of oncology, immunology / chronic inflammation diseases, infectious diseases, and rare genetic conditions.

Our lead molecules include modulators of innate immunity including neutrophil, mast cell, and eosinophil related inflammation pathways, exquisitely selective inhibitors for oncogenic driver kinases including novel allosteric inhibitors, and inhibitors targeting the DNA damage response pathway with potential MOA involving synthetic lethality.

Our most advanced programs are described below.

MOD-A Chronic Inflammation: We target a central signaling molecule involved in the neutrophil inflammation response. This target is known to control a number of critical disease-causing proteins implicated in a variety of chronic and genetic conditions without satisfactory therapies.

MOD-B Chronic Inflammation and Oncology: We target a key signaling enzyme involved in the Mast cell response pathway. We are currently pursuing indications in immune-related disorders.

MOD-C Oncology: We have identified small-molecule modulators of a new target within the DNA damage response pathway. Inhibition is expected to lead to synthetic lethality in numerous types of cancers as monotherapy or in combination with chemotherapy or other therapies.

Others: In addition to several early stage programs with unique biological approaches, we are pursuing a number of targets with our collaboration partner, PeptiDream, Inc. Through use of high-affinity peptides as probes, we are discovering new small-molecule leads including novel allosteric inhibitors that exhibit unique efficacy and safety profiles.

Partnering Information

We are a group of experienced pharmaceutical R&D professionals and are actively seeking potential partners who are a good fit with our company, and who can help take our lead molecules into the clinic together.

Although our current pipeline is focused on a few therapeutic areas, we are open to discussing a wide range of collaboration opportunities that may create synergies between our platform and expertise with those of our partners.

Please contact us here for further inquiries.